Considering The Carbon

The Myth Vs Reality

With the growing concern about global warming these days, the effects of this issue make themselves more clear with every passing day. The concept of global warming has been around for quite some time, however, it’s only really until the effects of the issue become apparent that people tend to take note of the problem.

What was once something of a myth to us, has become a very real issue as the effects of global warming reveal themselves more clearly in the form of flooding, drastic weather changes, droughts and other major shifts in the ecological balance of our world. To some, this might not sound like much of a problem. However, when we consider how much money these issues cost our societies and the simple fact that we only have one world to live on, treating it well is a good idea!

While addressing the issue of global warming has always been an uphill climb, we should always remember to check our facts when trying to find the most ecologically friendly solution. One would think that using a gas or wood-fire grill produces more carbon than an electric stove would. However, this is patently untrue! Studies have shown that a gas fire produces far less carbon per pound of food prepared than an electric stove, with an electric stove producing an average of 160 pounds of carbon per month, and a gas grill producing roughly under 100 pounds per month.

So if you genuinely are concerned about the environment, please consider switching to gas grills. Ultimately, we only really have one planet and while the idea of colonizing mars is one we can now start imagining, for most of us it’s just a topic to discuss at the next braai. So taking care of our planet now is very important and making the switch to regular gas cooking or even the humble braai is the first step we can take towards achieving this goal easily. And hey, if there’s ever really a good excuse for having a braai – let saving the earth be one of them!

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