A Good Guarantee Goes A Long Way

Protecting your purchases

As consumers, most of us have a good understanding of the type of risks we take when purchasing a product of any kind. In most cases, people are likely to ask about a product’s warranty or guarantee before making any decisions on the purchase. This is also why most people tend to to stick with a brand or chose a brand that they trust or know well. So how do you know if you’re buying a good product?

Well, other than brand reputation, there isn’t really much to go on. With most products, we only tend to notice their quality when they break or stop working. This applies to a lot of different aspects in life – but consumerism is definitely one of them.

Over the years, most of us have learn’t to check for things like guarantee’s or warranty on any of the products we buy and in most cases – its a huge factor in determining whether to buy a product or not. One of the most important tips we could suggest is that the better the warranty or guarantee, the better the product. This is because companies that know their products are of a good quality will always be able to offer a better guarantee to their clients and customers, knowing that the product will stand up to the test.

Here at Lava Fires, we know how important it is to give our clientele peace of mind when purchasing one of our amazing products. While the quality is quite apparent from simply interacting with one of our amazing fireplaces – we like to back that claim up with an amazing 5 year guarantee. That is our personal pledge to you the consumer that the quality of the product is as high as your standards and that knowing your money has been well spent is always a good feeling.

What could be better than cuddling up in front of the fireplace during the cold, winter months and enjoying a snug hot chocolate while knowing that your fireplace is protected against any mishaps. These days, finding peace of mind can be really difficult and as we all know, getting some degree of respite can do wonders in lifting our spirits.

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