Stainless Steel Braai’s

Our handcrafted stainless steel braai’s are made from only the best possible quality stainless steel in order to guarantee you the best value for your money. Not only are these braai’s stunning to look at, but they can really handle the elements and keep you braaing for longer.

If you live anywhere near the ocean and are looking for a braai that can handle salt erosion and heat damage with ease – then look no further. The Lavafires Stainless Steel range is just what you need!

Our stainless steel braais are built using only the best possible materials to ensure you get the best possible product. We offer 2 main types of stainless steel with our selection of braais. the 430 grade is an intermediate range of stainless steel that will hold up well under tough weather conditions and outdoor situations. However, the 304 is the ideal option for those living near the ocean or for those who simply want the best quality possible – as it’s the highest grade of stainless steel available.

These braais are sleek and sexy. They look great because they’re built well. There’s no denying that we put a lot of effort into all of our products to ensure that you’re getting the best value for money out there. We’ve honed our practices over the last 25 years to ensure that we have perfected the art of braai making. Now, for a very reasonable price, you can own one of these masterpieces. You certainly won’t regret it as our stainless steel braais offer unbeatable quality and amazing performance year after year. We also offer an amazing 15 year warranty, so even something were to go wrong (which it won’t), you’d be covered! That’s what makes Lava Fires the best in the business! Call now for a free quote.