1200 Verto vent free gas fireplace



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 1200 VERTO – Modern looking single sided gas vent free fireplace

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1200 VERTO vent free gas fireplace

Single sided 1200 VERTO vent free gas fireplace is a built in gas fireplace which does not require a chimney.
A modern gas fireplace consists of stainless steel VERTO box and a 1120mm vent free gas grate.
Standard model comes in brushed stainless steel finish (both VERTO box and gas grate).
This flue less gas fireplace uses LP gas as source of fuel.

Fireplace Construction

The unit consists of two separate components namely – VERTO box & frame and a loose gas grate.
The VERTO box is the stainless steel frame you built into the wall.
It also includes a wider rectangular frame that you fix with screws onto the VERTO box for a complete look.
The second component is the 1020mm vent-free gas grate with white rock stones. It is a separate independent component.


First step is to build the VERTO box into either a brick or dry wall.
Once the frame permanently fixed you would then insert the drop-in gas grate into position and connect the gas pipes.
We also include a bag of “vermiculite” chips and white rock pebbles.
First, spread out the vermiculite chips evenly inside the gas grate. The function of the chips is to diffuse the gas evenly along the grate.
Secondly, place the white rock stones randomly along the grate on top of the vermiculite chips.

NOTE: Unit needs to be installed by qualified gas installer who must provide COC (certificate of compliance).



Optimal heat output without the smoke, complete clean burning and 100% heat efficiency. Select gas for constant heat and temperature control. The Single Sided 900 Verto Gas fireplace is convenient and easy to use, has low gas consumption and is environmentally friendly. Approved by LPGSASA (not suitable for bedroom or bathroom installations). Minimum 9kg bottle of LPG gas required (NOT Included)


Standard unit includes

  • Stainless Steel built in VERTO box
  • Stainless Steel surround frame (fixed with two screws to the main box)
  • 1120mm Drop-in Stainless Steel gas grate
  • White pebble stone
  • Vermiculite

Technical Data

  • Heat coverage : 45m² – 80m²
  • Consumption  : 0.804 kg/h
  • Output              : 10.00 kW



(please refer to product CAD drawing below)

Additional information

Weight 130 kg

Technical Drawing


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