Built In – Vent Free Single Sided


FGB009: Fireplace-Gas Vent Free (Built-In VERTO-900)

The Built-In Single-Sided 900 Verto Gas fireplace is vent-free. No flue or chimney is required. A modern design with a stainless steel finish. Vermiculite and Whitestone are used to complete the look. It features optimal heat output without the smoke, complete clean burning and 100% heat efficiency. Select gas for constant heat and temperature control. The Single Sided 900 Verto Gas fireplace is convenient and easy to use, has low gas consumption and is environmentally friendly. Approved by LPGSASA (not suitable for bedroom or bathroom installations). Minimum 9kg bottle of LPG gas required (NOT Included)


Standard unit includes
  • Stainless steel gas grate
  • White Stone
  • Vermiculite
  • Cutout Pebble: L: 870 x H: 200 D: 200


Technical Data
Overall Dimensions Cutout Grate & Pan
Width 1080mm 1070mm 910mm
Height 400mm 400mm
Depth 400mm 400mm 245mm
Heating Capacity 60-100m2
Consumption 0.671 kg/h – 0.671 kg/h
Output 10.00kW