Stainless Steel Flue Kit | Single Story | 150mm


304 Stainless Steel Flue Kit, 150mm for  Single Story installation (going through a single roof)

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Stainless Steel Flue Kit | Single Story | Ø150mm

Stainless Steel flue kit for a single story house where chimney goes straight up through the ceiling and roof.
Made up of high grade stainless steel – 304 grade, suitable for coastal applications.

Consists of single wall flues, insulated flues as well as other components (see below).
Depending on your particular installation you may need to supplement the kit with additional chimney components.
For example the chimney might run close to a beam or obstacle and you would need a chimney bend.

Install high grade flue kit with our closed combustion fireplaces for maximum efficiency and guarantee.
Don’t compromise on quality ! Lower grade stainless steel flues and Galvanized flues will not last after a couple of winter seasons.

Designed for a single story indoor installation where the flue goes straight up though a single ceiling and roof.
(roof can be wither tile roof, corrugated or IRB roof).

Also included is an Aluminum and rubble tile for best waterproofing results.

Lava Fires offers installation services. Should you require installation service please contact us at any of our branches.

Flue kit consists of :

  • 2 x 1000 mm Single wall flue pipe
  • 2 x 1000 mm Double wall (insulated) flue pipe
  • 1 x End-cap (adaptor to join single and double wall flue)
  • 1 x Cyclone cowl
  • 1 x Ceiling plate (escutcheon plate)
  • 1 x Aluminum & rubber flashing (for waterproofing)

Technical Specifications :

  • 304 high grade stainless steel
  • Finish : polished stainless steel
  • Diameter : 150mm


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