Ravelli – NATURAL (9kW)



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RAVE032: Fireplace – Pellet Stoves (RAVELLI Natural 9)

The Natural 9 is a ventilated pellet with a new era of intelligent stove marked by zero philosophy. It has begun: ZERO LIMITS, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES, that will completely change the way you think about home heating. The self-cleaning system of the stove which eliminates daily maintenance; the absolute silence guaranteed by the convective motion that eliminates the noisy forced ventilation; the even heat distribution provided by natural convection, which eliminates any type of heat dispersion.


Standard unit includes
  • Cast Iron Door
  • Cast Iron Top
  • Steel Side panels
  • Wide view of the flame
  • Security sensors
  • Heat-Exchange surface in Cast Iron.


Technical Data
Overall Dimensions
Width 460mm
Height 1080mm
Depth 520mm
Flue Size Outlet 80mm
Heating Capacity 245m3
Consumption 1 kg/h – 1.19 kg/h
Weight 150Kg
Output 9.00kW
Efficiency 90.1%

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Weight 125 kg

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