Panorama 750 – Built in Gas Fireplace



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A stylish wide frame built in vent free gas fireplace – 750 mm wide (excluding frame).

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Panorama 750 – Built in Gas Fireplace | Vent Free

Built in gas fireplace – Large modern looking built in vent free gas fireplace for small to medium sized room and spaces.
This fireplace is comes with a user friendly manual ignition control.
The control has a built in shut off safety mechanism that will cut off oxygen supply in the even of sudden drop in gas.

Also available in a larger 1000 mm version.



Gas grate is constructed in house from high grade steel. The firebox as well as the wide panoramic frame are made from brushed stainless steel.
Each fireplace is supplier with vermiculite and white pebble stones. The gas control is positioned in front behind a drop down cover.


This appliance may only be installed by a registered LP Gas installer. Please refer to our operation and installation manual.


This product carries 2-Year guarantee.

Built in Gas Fireplace Dimensions

Overall Size : Width 1130 mm | Depth 368 mm | Height 550 mm
Cutout Size : Width 750 mm | Depth 410 mm | Height 490 mm


Additional information

Weight 130 kg

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