MCZ – THOR (7.2kW)


MCZ7113202: Fireplace – Slow combustion Stoves (MCZ – THOR SILVER)

THOR SILVER with compact wood-fuelled stove with an elliptical design and fitted with a; automatic closure handle and a handy wood compartment.


Standard unit includes
  • OYSTER TECHNOLOGY: The exclusive oyster technology, standard on all wood stoves, makes the product perfectly airtight: the stove draws all the air it needs from the outside without burning oxygen in the room. This means that it can be installed in all perfectly insulated houses and in passive homes.
  • ONE CONTROL LEVER: One control lever makes combustion management simpler (both primary and secondary air) for optimization at all times.
  • SELF CLOSING HANDLE: For easier and more ergonomic door closing (only on Stripe Overnight, Stub, Stub Overnight).
  • AIR HUMIDIFIER: A vessel for correct air humidification is available for all models with a rear outlet (optional). Fragrances and essences can be added for a pleasant aromatherapy effect.


Technical Data
Overall Dimensions
Width 510mm
Height 1030mm
Depth 519mm
Flue Size Outlet 150mm
Heating Capacity 74m2
Consumption 0.9 kg/h – 2 kg/h
Weight 110Kg
Output 7.20kW
Efficiency 83.10%