MCZ-CLUB 2 C/AIR (12.3kW)



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MCZ7114016: Fireplace – Pellet Stoves (Club 2.0 Comfort Air)
CLUB 2 Comfort air pellet stove with WHITE CERAMIC top and sides. Cast iron brazier. Intelligent combustion management with Active+. The COMFORT AIR version can effectively carry the warm air into other rooms. It has two outlets at the back and three fans that can be set separately with the remote control.


Standard unit includes
  • EXCLUDABLE VENTILATION: The No-Air function allows you to completely exclude forced ventilation in the stove, ensuring maximum silence and all of the advantages of heat diffused throughout the room by natural convection.


  • REMOTE CONTROL: This is a remote control with few buttons and lots of functions. In addition to the normal daily and weekly programming functions, you can program different temperatures in different time slots during the day. Since the temperature can be read exactly in the spot where it is left (thermostat function), the comfort level is assured.


  • SMARTPHONE AND TABLET: Via a dedicated application (App), you can manage and program the stove even from a smartphone or a tablet: 100% comfort inside the house or when you’re away. The application requires an accessory kit and can operate via a text message (GPRS system) or via Wi-Fi.
Technical Data
Overall Dimensions
Width 547mm
Height 1146mm
Depth 439mm
Flue Size Outlet 80mm
Heating Capacity 124m2
Consumption 0.8 kg/h – 2.7 kg/h
Weight 164Kg
Output 10.00kW
Efficiency 90.50%

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Weight 150 kg

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