Lava – Gravity S (8,8Kw)


GRAVITY S  8.8kW Wood Pellet Stove

GRAVITY FEED pellet fireplace – New wood pellet stove design requiring no electricity. Wood pellets are fed into the combustion chamber with gravity force. Ignition process is simple (manual ignition).


Standard unit includes
  • Stainless Steel Baffle and Burn-pot
  • Stainless Grate
  • Heat resistant ceramic glass door
  • No electricity needed
  • Front panel in Black
  • Side panels options: Charcoal; Pebble ; White ; Burgundy

Technical Data
Overall Dimensions
Width 505mm
Height 960mm
Depth 470mm
Flue Size Outlet 130mm
Heating Capacity 80m2
Consumption 0.8 kg/h – 1.2 kg/h
Weight 125Kg
Output 8.8kW
Efficiency 85%