Gravity 8.5kW Wood Pellet Stove


Best wood pellet fireplace in South Africa – Gravity 8.5kW.
Designed to heat spaces of up to 80 square meters.


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Gravity 8.5kW Wood Pellet Stove | Gravity Feed

GRAVITY 8.5kW wood pellet stove is a proudly South African fireplace designed and manufactured by Lava Fires.
The fireplace burns wood pellets (compressed Pine saw dust) as a source of fuel, readily available in South Africa.

Unlike the automatic wood pellet fireplaces (with automatic wood pellet feeding), the Gravity 8.5kW uses gravitational force.
In other words new pellets fall into the combustion chamber as older pellets burn.
This differs from automatic fireplaces where pellets are fed via a auger. The speed of the auger determines the rate of combustion.

The Gravity is manually ignited – using ethanol biofuel , lightly spray the wood pellets in the chamber and ignite with a match.
The wood pellets will ignite instantly and within couple of minutes the pellets are fully lit.

The advantages of gravity feed fireplace :

  • Includes a fan for better efficiency. (Can be used with out fan if there is a power outage)
  • easy operation and user friendly
  • more robust design,  and therefore minimal maintenance.
  • considerably cheaper than automatic feed pellet  fireplaces

Standard unit includes

  • Stainless Steel Baffle and Burn-pot
  • Stainless Grate
  • Heat resistant ceramic glass door
  • Fan to distribute heat
  • Front panel in Black
  • Side panels options: Charcoal; Pebble ; White ; Burgundy

Technical Data
Overall Dimensions
Width 505mm
Height 960mm
Depth 470mm
Flue Size Outlet 130mm
Heating Capacity 80m2
Consumption 1,2 kg/h – 18 kg/h
Weight 125Kg
Output 8.5kW
Efficiency 85%

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