SKU: SOL130/90IN

Insulated 90° bend ø130mm


Insulated 90° bend ø130mm

to divert 130mm insulated flue pipe 90 degrees.

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Insulated 90° bend ø130mm

Insulated 90° bend ø130mm to divert ø130mm insulated double wall flue pipes.
Install insulated 90 degree elbow to divert flue pipe around heart sensitive obstructions such as wood beams.
Also commonly used to divert flue pipe through the wall for external flue pipe installation.

Insulated bends are made of double skin high grade stainless steel having insulation material in between the two walls.
Can only connect to another insulated flue or similar insulated component.

Available in the following sizes : 130mm, 150mm and 180mm.


– Inside diameters : ø130mm | ø150mm | ø180mm
– Outside diameter: ø180mm | ø200mm | ø230mm