Flue adaptor ø130mm


Flue adaptor ø130mm

to join 130mm single wall flue to 130mm insulated flue.

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Flue adaptor ø130mm

Use flue adaptor ø130mm to join ø130mm single wall flue to ø130mm double wall flue.
The ø130mm double wall (insulated) flue is 50mm wider than the single wall flue – i.e. it is ø180mm
and therefore requires a special joiner.

The narrow side of the adaptor fits over the single wall pipe and the wider end joins the insulated flue.
Install the adaptor approximately 500mm below ceiling height. In other words, the insulated flue must begin 500mm before it enters the ceiling and roof.

Made of 304 mirror finish stainless steel.

Other adaptors available include, 150mm and 180mm.