Edil Kamin – SPACE (11kW)


EK640820: Fireplace – Pellet Stoves (SPACE (11kW)

Wood Pellet stove with high heating capacity – capable of MULTI-DUCTING (two adjacent rooms). Innovative technology.


Standard unit includes
  • Innovative channeling system diffuses 100% of the hot air produced.
  • 800 m3/h through a very powerful fan.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.


Technical Data
Overall Dimensions
Width 547mm
Height 1146mm
Depth 439mm
Flue Size Outlet 80mm
Heating Capacity 124m2
Consumption 0.8 kg/h – 2.7 kg/h
Weight 164Kg
Output 10.00kW
Efficiency 90.50%