CUBO 700 Eco (12.5kW)



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CUBO 700 Eco (12.5 kW) | Closed Combustion Insert


CUBO 700 Eco 12.5kW

The CUBO range is our in house brand of Closed Combustion Fireplaces, that is to say,  we manufacture this range in South Africa in-house using top quality materials and components, in par with European imported fireplaces.  Your CUBO comes with a standard 5-year structural guarantee.

The CUBO 700 “ECO” is your basic model in the CUBO range. It does not include a built-in fan and ash pan. In contrast, your CUBO 700 “AIR” model has a built-in fan controlled by an on-off switch to heat up your space more quickly using “forced ventilation”. Furthermore, the”air” model also includes an ash-draw, a convenient way to collect your left over ash.

Both models, 700 Eco and 700 Air generate 12.5kW, suitable for medium to large sized rooms. The CUBO body and door are steel fabricated and painted black while the fireplace door is cladded with a wide black tinted panoramic glass. Internal combustion chamber is made of high quality precast refractory and Stainless Steel roof canopy. Your CUBO is fitted with a top exit chimney outlet.


Your CUBO requires a Stainless Steel flue kit for optimal performance. A flue kit will vary depending on your type of installation, for example, a single story dwelling uses fewer chimney pipes compared with to a double story dwelling. A basic flue kit consists of single and double wall flue pipes, end-cap, ceiling plate and a rotating roof cowl. Quoted Price does not include flue kit and installation. Please contact us for free quotation and technical advice.


  • Panoramic black tinted ceramic glass
  • Precast refractory slabs all around
  • Stainless steel ceiling canopy
  • Primary & Secondary air intake levers
  • Protective heat resistant glove
  • Operating manual


  • Dimension (Stove only) : Width 725mm | Depth 490mm | Height 625mm
  • Dimension (Incl. Clip on Frame) : Width 725mm | Height 630mm
  • Flue outlet (top) : Ø150mm
  • Energy output : 12.50 kW
  • Coverage : 100m² – 140m²
  • Efficiency : 79%


Your fireplace gives off CONVECTION and RADIATION heat.  The “ECO” model uses STANDARD CONVECTION  to heat up your space whereby cold air enters frontally at the bottom of the fireplace while the hot air flows out through the slots above the glass door.  The AIRmodel too uses standard convection to heat up the space while the fan is turned off. However, when you switch the fan on you create “FORCED VENTILATION”, hence you increase the flow of hot air into your room. In other words you can heat up your room space more quickly.  Your CUBO has two levers located at the front bottom of the unit, controlling the flow of air intake into the combustion chamber.

Your CUBO also gives off RADIATION heat where by heat is transformed from inside the combustion chamber through the glass door into your room.

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