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90° bend ø150mm flue


90° bend ø150mm flue

High grade stainless steel 304 , 90 bend for single wall 150mm flue pipe.

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90° Bend ø150mm Flue

90° bend ø150mm flue – made of high grade stainless steel 304.
Forms part of your stainless steel flue kit.
Use this bend to divert ø150mm single wall flue pipe.

You would use such flue bend to go through a wall or divert a flue around an obstacle such as a beam in the roof.
Typically used in sets of two – ie one bend on either side of the wall or beam.

Not suitable for insulated flue pipes which require insulated 90 bends.
Choose between our three basic diameters –  ø130mm , ø150mm and ø180mm.