800 Prestige Braai Incl. Flue Kit



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800 Built in Prestige braai – Elegant mild steel braai in black finish, complete with all accessories and flue kit.

Stainless Steel Grid : Length: 570 mm x Width: 445 mm


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800 Prestige Braai complete 

800mm Prestige braai is a single door built in braai – Lava Fires latest addition to its built in braais.
Elegant looking braai with a single folding door and two draws. Use left draw to collect ash and right draw for your
braai tools or as a meat warmer draw.

The Prestige braai is made of mild steel in black finish and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor (under cover) applications.
*Body and moving parts are made of 2.5mm hot roll and a V-shape grid made of 430 stainless steel.
Supplied complete braai including 2.4m round flue pipes and a standard rotating cowl !

Note :
The standard flue kit supplied with the unit may, in certain situations,  be insufficient for your particular installation.
You may require additional flue pipe/s in order to clear the highest obstacle above the roof to avoid back draught.

So what’s different between the Prestige and the traditional De Lux braai?

1. Single Door Design

Unlike the De Lux range the prestige comes with a single larger door which you can fold underneath the Ashpan.
This feature not only improves the overall look of the braai but is more user friendly.
For example whenever you need work space, simply pull the retractable door horizontally to form a work bench.
When you are done push it back inside so you could stand closer next to the braai.  Refer to technical drawing below.

2. Rattling Noise due to wind

The Prestige model is ideal for outdoor windy installations.
The weight of the door pulls it down, forming a tight contact between the door and the braai frame.
Moreover, the door once closed does not lean against the outer braai frame.
On the other hand with our De Lux range, the doors rest against the outer frame with two hooks to keep them locked.
Nevertheless, during windy conditions the tiny gap between the doors and the frame can cause them to rattle.

3. Taller Ashpan and Draws

The 800 Prestige braai comes with an additional draw underneath the ashpan (two draws in total).
Store your braai tools or keep your meat warm.
The full set of draws also fill up the gap below the ashpan, further enhancing the look of the braai.

Physical dimensions

Although the Prestige and De Lux braais are the same width and depth wise, the Prestige is slightly taller.
The Prestige is approximately 100mm taller in order to provide space for the sliding door .


5 Year guarantee applicable against heat damage.

Standard Unit Includes

  • V-Shape stainless steel grid
  • 220V Downlight / Spotlight
  • Potjie hook
  • Ash pan
  • Ember maker
  • 1 x Ash draw/ 2 x Meat warmer draws
  • 2400mm flue kit – 1800mm Flue pipes/ 600mm cyclone cowl
  • New improved cyclone cowl & base.

Technical Data

  • External frame size : Width 885 mm | Height 865mm
  • Overall size : Width 885 mm | Height : 1105 mm | Depth  540mm  – Refer to below drawing
  • Flue diameter: ∅250mm
  • Grid Size : L 570 mm | W 445 mm



Additional information

Weight 200 kg

Drawing & Dimensions - 800 Prestige


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