1000 Built in Braai Incl. Rotating Cowl and Flue Pipes


1000 De Lux braai – 1000mm built in braai suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, made of mild steel black painted.

Grid Size : Length: 760mm x Width: 465mm (Stainless Steel)


1000 Built in braai | Mild Steel

1000mm built in De Lux braai is suitable for indoor and outdoor (under cover) applications, made of mild steel in black finish.
Braai body and moving parts are made of 2.5mm hot roll. We include a standard V-shape stainless steel grid – far more superior to the commonly sold galvanized grids.

Good lighting always comes handy when you braai at night time or under poor general lighting conditions. Therefore your braai is fitted with a 220V downlight/spot light to provide good lighting.
Another unique feature to Lava’s De Lux braais is the bottom door & serving tray. The door rests on specially designed clips, doing away with traditional double chain that keeps the door in horizontal position.

5 Year guarantee applicable against heat damage.

Standard Unit Includes

  • V-Shape stainless steel grid
  • 220V Downlight / Spot light
  • Potjie hook
  • Ash pan & draw
  • Ember maker
  • 2.4m (2 x 1200mm, ∅300mm) Galvanized flue pipe
  • Standard rotating cowl & base

Technical Data

  • Built-in/Cut-out dimension:  Width 1035mm | Height 935mm | Depth  530mm
  • External frame dimension: Width 1090mm | Height 787mm
  • Flue neck size : ∅300mm
  • Grid Size : L 760mm x W 465mm

Techincal Drawing & Dimensions


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