Gas Vent free fireplaces require no chimney flue and are easier to install than vented fireplaces.  They give optimal heat with no smoke or gas odours and have efficient gas consumption.

Choose between our 3 sizes multi versatile gas grate (600 | 900| 1200) which are very popular. They are compact, stylish, efficient and easy to install just about anywhere around your home. You may even install them in your apartment with a small 9Kg bottle.

If floor space is a limiting factor, consider our elegant wall mounted fireplaces available in two styles and sizes. Mounted like a picture frame at body height, they deflect heat into the room via a deflective stainless steel plate. Installation is simple with one small hole in the wall.

For more involved installation, explore our bestselling built in Verto gas fireplace. It is comes in two versions, single sided and double sided as well as in two sizes. Use a double sided gas vent free as heater and a feature to separate large open space areas. 

A common feature to all Lava Fires vent free fireplaces is the use of vermiculite and white pebble stones. The stones which absorb the heat are both aesthetic and provide radiation heat, thus increase the efficiency of the fireplace. Gas consumption ranging between 0.50 to 0.96 kg/hr.

All models come with a built in manual igniting control having Oxygen depletion safety mechanism. In the event of sudden drop in LP gas supply the valve will shut off Oxygen supply to the unit. We design and manufacture all gas units in accordance with LP Gas SA Association.

Note – your fireplace must be installed by a registered installer! 

A vent-free fireplace cannot be installed in a bedroom unless there is a permanent natural draft extraction.