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More than just combustion

Since the dawn of time, fire (and the fireplace) have been one of the most important natural developments in the course of human history. Without it, we would never have been able to cook food, to forge tools and to simply build a home. Our early ancestors relied on fire as a source of warmth and there’s still something about staring into a fire or fireplace on a cold night that ignites our most primal instincts and creates that immediate sense of homeliness.

While we may live in a technologically developed society far removed from the days when we used run around in the wild hunting our food, the truth is that we are still biologically programmed to carry some of these traits in our DNA. This means that even though we might have access to electricity and all the miraculous developments that have come about as a result of it, our unconscious minds still have a direct link back to our primitive ancestors and in turn, some of the habits that they used to have.

Obviously, there are a lot of things that we’re grateful to have grown out of as a species over the course of time – but there are some things have remained universally true ever since. Fire is one of those things and there’s a reason why we still feel the need to utilize it in our day to day lives. While it is still the cheapest source of energy for a lot of people, most of us don’t rely on it to power our lives. In truth, the element is really more of an eternal connection to our ancestry and a tether to mother nature and it’s for this reason that we find ourselves drawn to it.

In an age where digital technology has largely separated us from our natural connection, it’s nice to know that we can re-establish this eternal connection to nature within the comfort of our own homes. Yes, the humble fireplace in truth holds a much deeper significance for us and it’s because of this that every home should have one in it. So don’t hesitate – if you’re still cozying up in front of TV this winter, then give us a call and we’ll give you a quote and a speedy installation so that you can be warm and cozy with your friends and family when the rainy weather hits!

Built-in Gas Vent Free Fireplace Stylish Modern Handmade

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