Gas And Wood Combination Braai’s

Our top-quality combo braai’s come in a variety of sizes and materials to help with your specifications. These beautiful braai’s are designed to be tough, durable and stylish allowing you ample room to braai safely with both gas or traditional wood fire. Now there’s no need to worry about whether to cook with gas or fire – you can handle either with ease and efficiency.

The combination braai’s come in a variety of grades – namely stainless steel and mild steel. For those living near the sea, we would highly recommend the stainless steel variety. The mild steel combo braai’s are ideal for any suburban home or dwelling. Make every braai a special occasion with our amazing range of products.

There’s nothing more pleasant than knowing that your braai can double up as both a gas and wood braai. This is the ideal setting for someone who intends to braai often as it makes it very easy for you to try out a variety of cooking styles. If you enjoy traditional wood fired braais, you can use the wood fire section of the braai. If you’re in the mood for a quick gas grilled meal, then the gas grill is an easy option for anyone to use.

Our braais are built to the highest specifications. This ensures that you get the best possible product for your money. We also ensure that your braai is safe and easy to use.This way, you never have to worry about a mechanical malfunction causing you any harm or problems. Lava Fires gas and wood combination braais are safe and easy to use and will ensure that you have one great braai after another. Your Lava Fires braai will be the envy of your friends and your most prized asset! Call now for a free quote.