Mutiducting System

Multi-Ducting fireplace /Multi-Ducting system is a central heating unit which is capable of heating multiple rooms (up to 5 rooms) in the house using flexible ducting pipes above the ceiling similar to central airconditioning units. The heat flow to indivdual rooms can be controlled by closing/opening individual vents.

The systems are available in both free standing and built-in versions. The company promotes two European Multiducting systems :

Edil Kamin fireplaces can be ducted off to an additional 2 adjacent rooms up to 8 meters away fom the Fireplace. The two designs offered by the manufacturer are free standing and built-in fireplaces:

SPACE 11kW (Pellet Stoves — free standing)

Code : EK640820

PELLET BLOK 15kW (Pellet Insert built-in)

Code : EK656150
Edil Kamin PELLET BLOK 15kW

L'Artistico multiducting can be ducted off to 5 additional Rooms in the home. The two designs offered by the manufacturer are both built-in :

PENISOLA 15kW Dual Pellet/Wood fireplace (Pellet Insert Built-in)

Code : LT50029
Edil Kamin Pellet Insert (Penisola - Dual Wood/Pellet)

SERBIS 14kW (Pellet Insert built-in)

Code : LT50033
Edil Kamin SERBIS M14

Edil Kamin
Multi-ducting 2 rooms
Ducting off to maximum 2 additional rooms (up to 8 meters away)

Multi-room Ducting