Gas barbecue grill / Gas braai

Gas barbecue grill / Gas braai Lava Fires' premium outdoor gas grills will complement any patio or outdoor braai area. Beautifully designed and easy to operate /maintain, the entire unit is constructed from high grade 304 stainless steel and carries three year guarantee on all operating parts

Higher grade 316 stainless steel is available on request to handle corrosive coastal areas.

As safety is of utmost importance, all our gas braais are fitted with a flame failure safety device so if pilot flames go out it will shut down the main flow of gas to the burner. (When the main flow of gas is shut down it will prevent the opportunity of large amounts of gas to build up which could ignite and cause an explosion.)

Our gas barbecue grill comes in 3 basic designs namely : Drop-in hob, Counter-top griller and Built-in gas braai (Master chef) . Each design is available with multiple gas burners - Minimum two and maximum five LPG gas burners.