Edil Kamin wood pellet fireplace

Edil Kamin Wood Pellet Stove

When heating with pellet stoves you do not only relieve the environment but save yourself hard cash. Low consumption is only one of the many advantages when you heat with a pellet stove. Even many fireplace pellet stoves work with an efficiency of well over 90 percent: This means that sufficient warmth can be achieved with a low consumption of fuel. Further advantages of a pellet stove are the ease of handling, the high calorific value and the environmentally friendly process. Pellet combustion is CO2 neutral and therefore they counteract the greenhouse effect

Edil Kamin’s wood pellet stoves can be easily installed in houses, flats using a small flue. The coverings of the pellet stoves, in steel, ceramics and soapstone, guarantee great aesthetics and adaptability in both traditional and modern rooms.

Edil Kamin wood pellet stove Functional layout

Edil Kamin Wood Pellet Stove Internal Functional Layout
  • (A) Fuel tank (pellet)
  • (B) Fuel feed auger
  • (C) Motor reducer
  • (D) Crucible
  • (E) Cartridge electrical resistance
  • (F) Combustion product outlet vent
  • (G) Heating air fans
  • (I) Heating air outlet grill
  • (L) Synoptic panel
  • (M) Centrifugal fan for combustion product discharge
Edil Kamin Wood Pellet Stove External Functional Layout
  • (A) Multifunctional top with a synoptic panel to set the desired temperature and weekly times of operation. "AUTO-CLEAN" system that maintains the combustion chamber always clean. Reserve warning that indicates when a whole sack of pellets can be loaded.
  • (B) Capacious pellet hopper for prolonged use that does not require frequent pellet refills. "Click-clack" cover facilitates the pellet loading process.
  • (C) Outlets for hot air-channelling (n°2)
  • (D) Front grilles for the warm air to be emitted into the room.
  • (E) Fireplace structure made of cast iron for extraordinary solidity and exceptional thermal efficiency.
  • (F) Door with curved, screen printed ceramic glass, kept clean automatically.
  • (G) Ash pan to facilitate cleaning the hearth.
  • (H) Hot air exchangers. Cleaning the heat exchangers is extremely easy thanks to these being accessed easily.


Heating with Edilkamin pellet stoves is a great convenience because they allow combustion autonomy even for several days.

This autonomy is monitored electronically by latest generation synoptic panel that adjusts normal functioning, differing it for the different time periods during the day and on the different days of the week, according to requirements.

This is a solution that guarantees heating management that is really practical and comfortable; come home to find immediate well-being and a welcoming environment.

Wood pellet fireplace technology

A wood pellets fireplace is an automated clean-burning fireplace which uses wood pellets as a source of fuel (Pellets are made from sawdust. It is pressed by relevant machines into small cylinders that can have different lengths 1.5-2 cm and 6 mm diameter. The compactness gives this type of fuel high calorific value features (p.c.i. 4.000-4.500 kcal/kg).) These pellets are slowly and automatically fed from a fuel tank (hopper) to the firebox where the pellets would automatically be ignited. The use of fuel tank allows combustion autonomy for several days. The autonomy is monitored electronically by a latest generation synoptic panel that adjusts normal functioning, differing it for the different time periods during the day and on the different days of the week, according to requirements.

Wood pellet stoves use fans to regulate room temperature. The system draws hot air from the ceiling level and distributes it via a fan at floor level. It also allows for the hot air to be distributed to multiple rooms via ducting.

After the ignition process the electrical consumption is minimal and runs at around 0.1KWh (Uses less electricity than four 100-watt light bulbs even on the “high” setting.

Wood-pellet fireplaces are about 15% more efficient and 50% cheaper to run than wood stoves.